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foggy store

A pop-up store for fashion designer Partick Ervell. The design creates an environment with a soft presence and subtle expression – a backdrop that recedes to foreground the work.  More akin to fog, its presence is felt rather than seen.

A series of planes layered into the space produce a haze-like effect that envelopes the room.  As visitors enter, the collection slowly reveals itself, while the street recedes into the background. Resonating with Ervell’s attitude towards materials, a synthetic non-woven interface fabric commonly found in inner layers of clothing is used to achieve this atmospheric effect. An ever-present and humble material is repurposed and recontextualized to produce a rich and unexpected effect.

This temporary installation expresses its own fleeting temporality, making physical its transient nature, not by creating a space that is disposable, but rather, one that is barely there to begin with.


location new york date 2012program pop-up storearea 1,800 SFstatus concept

Ervell InsideFLAT.jpg