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A site specific installation  commissioned for the Flatiron Plaza in New York. A series of softly shaped and richly colored screens drape down from an open frame to inscribe a more intimate collective space and provide an analog filter to see the city in a different light. Its both a figure and a place. In our otherwise bleak social and political context, this architectural installation carved a small yet more positive urban space - it offered a warm embrace during the cold winter months.

Softly swaying in the breeze, its overlaps and overlays continuously interplayed with light, inviting passerby to bask in its rich saturated glow. It emotes and evokes what we all wish to be. Happy was set as a simple devise to make passerby stop, wonder, and most importantly, smile.

Location New York   Client Van Alen Institute/Flatiron 23rd Street Partnership Use Temporary Installation

Fabricators Youngbuk Art Services Structural Engineer Silman

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