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MALI Museum Extension

An extension to the Lima Museum of Art (MALI).  Given the historical significance of the existing museum building and adjacent park, the design subsumes the majority of the architecture underground while preserving open public space above. Sprouting through this landscape a series of towers signal the presence of what lies beneath while providing independent entrances to the varied cultural programs below (galleries, library, classrooms, archives).  Rethinking the colonial model of the open plaza, the site is subdivided at street level into a series of smaller collective spaces ringed with shaded trees. By scaling down, a more intimate experience of public space is offered while providing more accessible shelter from the sun.  

This collection of small towers and intimate plazas creates a distinct and recognizable figure in the city that does not compete or detract from the Exposition Palace – it offers a recognizable yet subtle landmark in the urban landscape.


Location Lima, Peru Use Museum Client Lima Art Museum Area 6000m2 Status Concept

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