Open Wall

Rather than a tool for division and discord, Open Wall is an optimistic intervention that offers refuge, life, and growth – a habitable wall along the US/Mexico Border. Envisioned as a shelterbelt and way-station to those crossing, over time, its open framework provides the scaffolding for future life. Its unmistakable figure in the desert landscape becomes a welcoming beacon to a linear oasis in a otherwise desert no man’s land - an architectural refuge along the border that helps bind rather than divide

Open Wall was commissioned by OriginalCopy for their 5x5: Participatory Provocations exhibition. 

5x5 Participatory Provocations has been on view at the University of Illinois (Feb-Mar 2016), the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (Jul-Aug 2016), and RISD (Oct 2016). Future venues include the Art OMI (Jan-Mar 2017) and the Center for Architecture in New York ( Jun 2017).

Location Mexico/US border  Use wall  Client OriginalCopy  Area NA  Status exhibition

Studio Cadena Open Wall Drawing E.jpg