Over The Line

This installation takes on the most basic architectural element, the wall. A wall separates, it's the dividing line that defines inside and out, your land and my land, this place and that. The wall is an archetype and the physical manifestation of the boundary between two places. Over the Line undermines this very premise by proposing a wall that divided nothing, sets no boundary, and creates no separation. While present, it remains a simple yet captivating background.

Like a string set on the ground, this 140ft long wall meanders on the site. It’s a wall that reflects while it distorts, a wall that does not separate or enclose.  Its undulating surface, always changing in the light, shimmers for attention yet urges you to weave and wander through the site.

Location New York  Date 2017  Program Installation  Size 140 ft  Status In Progress

Axon Folly 3.jpg
OverTheLine_Studio Cadena_ BenjaminCadena