Red Hook Be Dammed

In response to a call by the Forum for Urban Design of New York for a new vision for the neighborhood of Red Hook, this proposal suggests the fruitful marriage between infrastructure and civic space.

A coastal barrier rises to surround Red Hook as protection from rising water levels while creating new bicycle and pedestrian pathways punctuated by a network of small building housing a variety of public programs.  Attempting to couple both active and passive infrastructures, this design highlights the latent potential of overlaying onto the impending and pragmatic infrastructural needs of the city, public spaces and amenities that can redefine our experience of daily urban life.

By making infrastructure readily visible in the urban environment, hybridizing its uses, and engaging multiple scales, a distinct, local and possibly more enriching city can emerge.

Location Brooklyn  Date 2008  Program Master Plan   Area 133 acres   Status Proposal - Jury Selection