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Table Top

A a temporary installation for the The New Museum's Ideas Festival in New York. Table Top is a raised platform for civic engagement set to float slightly above the ground. It offers a open plinth to sponsor and incite a wide range of the festival’s activities. It becomes a stage, a podium, and a stand for civic proclamation - an urban tabletop pregnant with potential.

Three circular cutouts set within inscribe more intimate programmatic pockets, that ranging in size, allow for a variety of events to take place. From intimate talks, to large civic gatherings, it sets a flexible stage to promote and frame ideas in and of the city. As a whole, it invites participation and engagement by the public, yet does not
prescribe it.

This installation offers a moment of repose during the Ideas Festival, an opportunity for a physical engagement with the urban context and with those who may choose to step-up, sit down, or lay down together on this plinth. Offering a higher ground, it elevates, it projects, and above all, it shapes a place to encounter and connect.

Location new york  Use Installation Client The New Museum Area 800sf  Status Concept

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