tall garden

(Honorable Mention – Peace Corps Competition)

The Peace Place memorial aspires to celebrate rather than passively commemorate. Departing from the prevalent formal language and hardened material vocabulary of monumental architecture, it shapes a garden and active public space – an urban artifact that is alive, continuously in flux and that remains welcoming to its surrounding urban context

Revisiting the traditional columnar monument, a triangular array of flowering vine covered columns rise to inscribe an intimate public garden and event space. Connected together as one, these green towers offer a striking and memorable presence to the Capital’s civic landscape.

Not built in stone or steel, immutable and unchanging, this work remains alive to manifest the Peace Corps ethos – the need to labor, not only to achieve peace, but to maintain it.

location Washington DC  use Public Garden  client The Peace Corps  area 8,000sf  status competition shortlisted

peace place diagram Studio Cadena 5 Benjamin Cadena
peaceplace studio cadena 3 Benjamin Cadena
peace place studio cadena 2 benjamin cadena
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peace place studio cadena 4 benjmin cadena