The Long House

The Long House is a multifamily housing development that is interwoven with its site to preserve and reinforce a sense of immediacy to its surrounding desert landscape while allowing for a greater density.

A long, low, linear building divides the sites into a series of open courtyards. Protected on three sides they result in semi-private communal areas ideal for shared living that remain connected to street life. Rather than an object set on to the site, the building inscribes a thickened line softly buffered from the street by its surrounding landscape.

Hybridizing the courtyard house and the typical standalone ranch house, a new typology is introduced to better respond to the peculiarities of Marfa’s current cultural, economic, and natural context.

Location Marfa, Texas . Use Housing  Client Design Marfa  Area 13,700sf . Status Competition Finalist

1 Marfa Housing Studio Cadena.jpg
Marfa Model 2 Studio Cadena