three small room facing common area

Three Room Loft

Located in a former factory building in Brooklyn, a small industrial loft, awkwardly subdivided by existing partitions, was transformed into a bright and open space that could be comfortably shared by three young roommates. Modest yet ambitious, the design manages to make the most of limited space, offering a new way to reconsider loft living updated to the context of the city’s housing shortage and ubiquity of shared living

Rather than subdividing the loft into the needed rooms, three small and separate volumes cluster around a large common area and are set apart within the raw space.  Huddling together, these rooms within rooms create intimate spaces while maximizing the shared living area needed for gatherings and daily communal living. Glazed openings allow light inside the bedrooms, which are arranged to receive as much light as possible from the loft’s large windows, while providing views of the rapidly changing post-industrial neighborhood.


Location Brooklyn   Use Living   Area 743sf   Status built 2013


study model

Bushwick Loft_Studio Cadena 03