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Hearts Embrace

Invited Competition

Hearts Embrace is a proposal for temporary installation to be located in Duffy Square. It aspires to articulate a temporary collective space and shape a moment of intimacy and calm in the middle of Times Square.   A series of folded perforated metal panels create a saturated colored screen that filters the surrounding context to offer a warm embrace to all in the cold winter months. 

Like a stage scrim in the light, it will come in and out of view inviting passersby to approach. The installation is both background and foreground. From a distance, it subtle presence will transform with changing lights, as well as during the day and night.  Departing from the purely telegraphic, this pieces is an attempt to bring us to the moment, to the real, the sensory, the spatial – an analog color filter that can offer a new way to see Times Square through rose colored eyes.

location new york use installation
client Times Square Alliance & Design Trust for Public Space

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